Virtual Church now on RCTV

Access worship services from your couch throughout the week!

If you live in Reading, MA, go to your RCTV Public Access Channel. Times listed below.

Comcast Channel 9
Verizon Channel 31

Sundays: 8am, 7pm, 8pm, 10:40pm
Mondays: 5:30am, 9:10am, 10:30am, 2:15pm, 8:15pm
Tuesdays: 11am, 12:30pm, 1pm, 2:38pm, 8pm, 9pm
Wednesdays: 9:33am, 11:45am, 1:40pm, 3:00pm, 7:40pm
Thursdays: 10:30am, 5:02pm, 10:15pm, 10:30pm, 11:30pm
Fridays: 8am, 2:30pm, 4:32pm, 8:30pm, 9:30pm
Saturdays: 10:30am, 2pm, 4:02pm, 9:33pm, 11:02pm