Join our virtual church online!

IMPORTANT: Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we’re now gathering as a Virtual Church online. Please see our Virtual Church Help and How To Page for more. Additionally, now offer virtual Sunday School for all ages. Click here to register or email Rev Emelia to learn more.

Learning about our faith happens at every age!

Nursery Care

Nursery care available Sundays from 9:45 am – 11:15 am for young children

Sunday School

We have a one-room schoolhouse model for Sunday School, where kids in Kindergarten through middle school learn and play together focusing on the scripture or theme from Sunday worship. Each Sunday, kids are invited to join in Worship together. Then, after the “Story on the Steps,” kids are invited to participate in one of two ways:

If the Sunday School class is meeting in the classroom, kids will be invited to leave and then reconnect with family during Coffee Hour after church.

Sometimes, the Sunday School meets at a table during Worship, so kids can be engaged in an activity while Worship is going on.

All Ages Sunday

We also offer an “All Ages” Sunday, where the worship service is intentionally designed to be inter-generational. Usually once each month there is a worship service designed just for this. This usually depends on the calendar. View the calendar for the next “All Ages” Sunday.

Can children stay during worship?

Want to stay with family during church? No problem. Pick up an “Interactive Bulletin” to follow along, color, or do an activity related to Worship. There’s also fidget materials and kids books available in the back of the church. The best part? All these things aren’t just for kids!


Confirmation for grades 8-10 is available every few years. Check with Rev. Emelia if you have a teen who would be interested in Confirmation.