February Mission

February Mission Collection: BUCKETS

We’re “collecting” full clean up buckets for Church World Service (CWS) this month. There is however, no list of materials, and no need to shop. This year we are doing a financial collection.

From the CWS web page: “Hurricanes, floods and other disasters are happening more frequently. When our neighbors around the world experience these unforeseen circumstances, you can make the road to recovery easier with CWS Cleanup Buckets. These buckets are full of essential home recovery supplies that are needed after a disaster strikes.” If you have read or tuned in to the news in recent weeks, you are aware that disasters (plural) have struck across our country. Northern California was victim to an “atmospheric river”. The impact was flooding throughout the area. And when the rains stopped, the disaster did not. Mud slides, prompted by previous years of drought, followed. And shortly before Christmas a series of tornadoes broke out causing devastation across six states. There were 70 deaths in Kentucky alone. Countless homes were destroyed, and others severely damaged.

What can WE do? First, as people of faith we can pray. Pray for those who are working on cleanup, pray for rebuilding, and pray for generosity to help get the people suffering back in homes and on their feet. Practically, we can be a part of that generosity. Each clean up bucket costs $75. Our hope is that you will consider donating a quarter of a bucket for $18.75, half a bucket for $37.50, or perhaps a full bucket for $75.00. And there is this additional good news! The Mission team had set aside $500 in its budget as “matching funds” for disaster relief. Therefore, every dollar we receive for buckets, up to $500, will be matched by Mission! We will welcome your participation in any amount – your donation need not be one of these amounts. It is our hope however, that you will lend your support to help whose lives have been upended. If you would like to donate via check, please be sure to mark your gift as “buckets.” Or use the link below to donate online.