Trans 201 Workshop with Mordecai from NAGLY

Did you attend Trans 101 with Renee? Do you need a refresher? Confused about gender and pronouns (and want to learn more about being a better ally?)

Mordecai (he/him) is an instructor and volunteer with North Shore Pride and NAGLY, and will be our guest presenter for a workshop and presentation on June 24th at 7PM!

Even though this is called “201” you don’t need to have taken a “101” workshop, but the name implies that this will be a refresher on introductory topics and go more specifically into topics like they/them pronouns, nonbinary or genderfluid, and learning vocabulary that was not necessarily covered in Renee’s workshop a few years ago.

After the presentation, if you have a question about anything, you can submit that anonymously here and Mordecai will do his best to answer it! All questions are welcome in this safe and brave space of learning!

Depending on interest, we may be able to offer in person attendance over the big screen/sound system in the sanctuary for those unable to connect via Zoom. Please email Rev. Emelia at if this would be something you’re interested in!

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