March 2024 Newsletter

During our Stewardship Campaign we celebrated the many ways we – yes, all of us! – are a part of Sharing the Good News: for our church, our community, and the world. As we live out the Good News in our individual lives, we influence others. Over the course of several weeks, we had opportunities to hear from church leaders about how – and why – they serve. The pledge card permitted you to make note of how you use your talents and gifts at church, or those ways in which you would like to serve. In worship, Rev. Emelia organized worship around “You Are Beloved”; and “You Make a Difference”; at brunch with Anna, “Everyone Has a Place at the Table”; and concluding with “Sharing the Good News.”

And we DO have Good News to share. At the time of this article’s creation, we have received 55 pledges. Last year, we had a final total of 66. There are 18 pledging households that participated last year which have not yet responded. If they do, we will have (minimally!) 73 pledges for the coming fiscal year. Can you say “Good News”?

We are grateful for the many ways you use your “talents” to serve and to share good news. Thank you for serving as an officer, for singing, for ringing, for orchestrating (!), for sustaining, for campaigning, for serving on various ministries, for offering your prayers, and for your giving. Together, we are sharing the good news that the world needs.