Sign up to Volunteer on Sundays

There’s all kinds of ways to volunteer to participate in church! If you (or your household or family) want to volunteer sign up below. When you sign up below, please indicate what date and what you would like to help with. Thank you for volunteering!

DateScripture ReaderFellowship HourGreetersFlower Delivery
11/27✔︎Volunteers neededVolunteers neededVolunteers needed
12/4✔︎n/aVolunteers neededn/a
12/11✔︎Volunteers neededVolunteers neededn/a
12/18✔︎Volunteers neededVolunteers neededn/a
12/24Volunteers neededn/aVolunteers neededn/a
12/25Volunteer neededn/aVolunteers neededn/a