Lunches for Common Cathedral

So far, we have volunteers signed up to make the following sandwiches:

  • PB&J: 50/50
  • Ham & Cheese: 30/50
  • Turkey (no cheese): 40/50

This year there is also an opportunity to serve lunch and attend Common Cathedral in Boston Common.

As Paula Ewenstein, Common Cathedral Lunch Coordinator says: “Hello, we are delighted and grateful that your congregation will be visiting common cathedral! First, thank you for your continued support of common cathedral. Your contribution is keeping people fed physically and spiritually throughout this global pandemic. For Summer 2022, we’ve made a few updates we’d like to share with you.

Click on the boxes below for more information:

Donating lunches: We are continuing to ask for pre-made lunches and are currently requesting the following supplies: 
  • 150 brown paper bag lunches
  • With sandwiches – We will prepare PB&J, turkey and cheese, ham and cheese, and tuna for some of our loyal sandwich makers          
  • 2-3 snacks inside (chips, fruit, cheese sticks, cookies) [Please put snacks in small zip locked bags if they aren’t already wrapped]

    “Adding a tomato, pickles, lettuce, anything extra makes it a meal, not just a sandwich.” –John, community member
Donating Supplies: If you are looking to support us in other ways, check out our Amazon Wish list:

Click Here! It is updated monthly with seasonal items needed as indicated by our community. For example, ankle socks for these hot summer days! 

Safely making sandwiches: Some people have expressed concern about making lunches during this COVID-time. Please *do* take extra precautions when making the food.

Have individuals make them at home and drop off with one central person who will be doing the delivery on Sunday. Remind lunch-makers to sanitize the surface on which they make the food, to wash hands often, and to wear gloves. The virus itself is *not* food-borne but rather the danger is in particles coming into contact with the food items being prepared. 

Important note: People are hungry right now, as many meal programs have closed or simplified their operations. It’s harder to get food if you are homeless or income-insecure. This is why we are requesting these items. 

Contact the church office if you have any questions at (781) 944-0205 or