CWS School Kits Update

Thank you to all who have donated items for the Church World Service School Kits. We now have supplies for 27 complete kits, and we are close to completing another 12!  We can now imagine one full classroom or perhaps even two classes with smiling children receiving our bright bags full of new supplies.

See below for the list of items needed to complete 12 more kits. (If you already purchased other components listed in previous School Kit articles, yes, please donate them as well. Thank you!)

The School Kit collection ends on September 6th, but August is the time to stock up on school items. Staples continued their sale with 50 cent crayons and 35 cent one-subject spiral notebooks. (The inexpensive notebooks are toward the very back of the Reading store.) This pricing lasts until at least 8/19.

Items needed to finish 12 more kits:

  • 70-page count spiral bound notebooks – 36 notebooks needed 
  • One pair of blunt scissors (rounded tip, only) – 4 pairs needed
  • Six new, unsharpened pencils with erasers – 54 pencils needed
  • One box of 24 crayons (only 24 count) – 7 boxes needed 

The drop-off box is just outside the Music Room.

In addition, we appreciate those who choose to support this project with a cash donation. These donations are needed for the bulk purchase of cloth school bags, the $2 per kit for CWS to process our kits, and the cost to ship the heavy kits to CWS. The total for these expenses is typically over $200. Please send a check to the church with “School Kits” in the memo line or to easily donate online, use the link below and choose “give to CWS School Kits” in the drop down menu.

Thank you to all who choose to participate!