Feasibility Study ResultsMarch 2024 Newsletter

For those of you who might have missed them, we are attaching links to two presentations to the congregational regarding the upcoming Capital Campaign.

One is a general introduction to the Campaign, and the other summarizes the results of a Feasibility Study conducted to gauge our preparedness for the Campaign. 

Based on the results of this study, we have decided to spend a few months this Spring talking with and educating our members and friends about the Campaign. We will be sharing regular pieces about the various aspects of the Campaign and our process. We will also be listening to you, in small groups and other avenues, to address any questions you may have.

This education time will allow us to organize the Campaign in the Summer and launch it this Fall. Two of the many reasons we are excited about this are:

  • Of all the people who were invited to participate in the Study, not one said no.
  • Of all the people who were asked to help get the Campaign started, not one said no.

Working together will make this Campaign both successful and inclusive.