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Reading Cares Food Pantry Donations

“When did we see you hungry, or thirsty…?”  The Reading Food Pantry serves approximately 100 households.  The demand has not slowed but rather increased.  Your donations of both food and household items, along with financial support, are needed.  Please consider picking up at least one item for the Pantry each week when you shop for your household.  Donated items along with your checks may be left in the basket in the hallway outside the Music Room. 

Check out the Reading Food Pantry Facebook page for current needs.

Cocoa and Cookies...Coming Soon! 

Please know that you're invited for warm cocoa and a variety of tasty cookies in the church following the tree lighting on the Common.  It's coming up on Sunday, November 26th.  The lighting is preceded by many activities in the down town area, and then around 4:30 the switch is thrown and the lights are lit!  Then come in and get warm and greet your neighbors.  This is a cherished Reading and FCCR tradition.

Never Doubt It.  You are welcome here.






Everyone is welcome here. EVERY. ONE. Are you a vet? Welcome. Never served? Welcome. Gay? Straight? Trans? Searching? Married? Divorced? Single? Widowed? With kids? Kids grown? No kids? YOU, are welcome here. Join us. Experience the warmth of an open and affirming, and faith-full community.

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