Activities for the 2014 - 2015 Program Year

July 27          Cycle for Shelter: as in past years, we donated $100 to FCCR Peddlers (a team formed so we could make one donation to multiple riders).  Also as in past years, Mission provided picnic-type food to Emmaus House on the day of Cycle for Shelter.  We’ll probably do both again.

August 24     Common Cathedral: we were the only church providing the lunch that day, but we prefer that, so we can bring as many people as we want, and because so few other churches want to do summer Sundays.  Also, Ecclesia Ministries’ new director volunteered to preach, and Lisa will contact her.

October         We joined Andover Newton’s collection for Ebola supplies.  Mission was seeking some way to help with the crisis, and Lisa put us in touch with ANTS. Sharon bought and mailed $60 worth of protective gloves.

                       We also responded to an emergency request from the Friends of Boston’s Homeless for a clothing collection for residents displaced from the Long Island shelter.  Our collection ran two weeks, and then the items were delivered to Boston.

November 23     Thanksgiving Food Pantry collection: as in past years, we’ll have it during the church service.  We’ll split with the Food Pantry in Lawrence again; items to be divided by suitability.  Volunteer will deliver Lawrence’s share to its warehouse in Andover.

December     Advent collections: as in past years, we’ll have the first two weeks devoted to the CMS Christmas shops; the third week assigned for toiletries for Emmaus, Inc.; and the fourth week for the Reading food pantry.  We discussed the idea of having only one week for CMS and using the other week for another collection, but we decided it was too late to change for this year.

                       Christmas Eve collection: as in past years, we decided to have Mission’s share of the plate go to the Christmas Fund, which helps retired clergy and lay people.

January 17   Mission will again participate in the MLK Jr. Day of Service.

February       We agreed to participate in the “Souper Bowl of Caring,” which involves putting out two receptacles, one for each team; people show support for their preferred team by donating cans of soup (and other food items) into their team’s box.

                       Emmaus Linens Collection: we decided to expand to include the Mission of Deeds; new pillows will be sought for Emmaus House, and general bedding for Mission of Deeds.

March            Volunteers have been identified to head up our CWS Emergency Cleanup Buckets; we will try for 6 buckets, due to the critical need for them (most churches want to do the easier kits).

May 3            As in the past, we’ll hold our One Great Hour of Sharing collection early in this month.

Next FY         July: We will probably support Emmaus House in the same way as we did this past July.

                       August: We decided to provide the lunch to Common Cathedral around our usual time, which would be either August 23 or 30.  We need to make sure that our own church service doesn’t run long, so we can get down to Boston on time.               

Other Ideas

Habitat for Humanity – workers on house-building projects; it also has a bike ride

Host a Speaker from the Public Voice Project (CMS)?

Investigate the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless, which focuses on youth and young adults

Investigate the Women’s Lunch Place – seeks collections of items, money, service

Horizons for Homeless Children – seeks volunteers to play with homeless children in family shelters in Lowell, Lawrence, and Lynn.  Probably not something we can support.



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